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We all have Magic in Our Minds – an untapped resource of our higher mental faculties – that’s designed to help us achieve ANYTHING we truly want … IF we know how to use them properly. 

Did you know that there are countless studies showing that parents of children with special needs kids are more likely to suffer from depression and that those children fail to reach their full potential?


As a parent with a special needs child, I’m sure you’ve often felt:

  • Overwhelmed 

  • Alone 

  • Stressed about money

  • Worried about therapy and medical treatment for your kids

  • Fearful about your kids surviving without you present


Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to live our lives based on our circumstances instead of using our higher mental faculties to find the peace within us but also to allow our children to thrive. 


What's really happening...

We keep fighting and trying our best day in and day out, but things are likely not going to change or improve unless we shift our mindset. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. We can't expect our child to thrive and reach their full potential if we don't believe they will ever be able to achieve certain things. In order to allow for our kids to thrive, for us to keep our sanity, we need to learn how to use our 6 higher mental faculties to work for us instead of against us – and we do that unconsciously most of the time.

For example, we tend to focus on the problems we have or worry about things (some that may not even be real yet) – but this keeps us stuck in the problem and in the same situation. In order to resolve that problem, we need to leverage our higher mental faculties such as imagination and perception – which allows for solutions to appear.


Ready to shift your mindset and use your mind to create better results in your life and see your child soar?







Join me for a 6 week year-end challenge!  Time is ticking!


During this 6 week year-end challenge, you will learn how to:

  • Think in a manner that helps you create the results you want for yourself and to bust any unconscious limits you have placed on your child.

  • Use your 6 higher mental faculties to originate thoughts that vibrate in harmony with your vision and learn how to bring that vision to life!

  • Learn how to transform challenges into opportunities

  • Stop hoping and wishing – instead create the life you want and expect it to come true.

  • Start a journey of growth and transformation to improve any aspect of your life.


The challenge kicks off on 11/16/22! Coaching sessions occur at 7 pm EST with weekly coaching sessions, daily videos and assignments.

Want to learn more?

How does the challenge work?

Why Now?

Time is running out and if you don’t start making changes now, this year and next year will look much the same.


There is still time to change things and create the life you want! Join me to unlock your and your child's potential now. Sign up now and select which payment options suits you best!

The challenge kicks off on 11/16/22!


  • One easy payment of $970

  • 2 easy payments of $485

  • Introductory course

    6 week course
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • This is for you if you want to start to experience change
    • Introductory self-paced course (independent study)
    • Daily videos and assignments
    • Perfect to learn how to stay in control of any situation
    • Learn how to use your mind to create the life you want
  • 4 months start-up coaching plan

    First step into coaching
    Valid for 4 months
    • Perfect as a first step coaching
    • For those who are ready to experience change and growth
    • Monthly coaching calls
    • Weekly videos and recordings with exercises
    • Payment plan available upon request
  • Empowerment Book Club and Mastermind

    Every month
    Are you ready to learn, grow and exprience the power of the mastermind?
    • Reading selection of the best personal development books
    • Weekly reading, discussion and application of the concepts
    • Mastermind sessions to help you solve issues & achieve goals
    • A support community of like-minded people
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