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Are you set to finish the year strong and achieve your goals?

If you are struggling to achieve your goal(s), there are likely several underlying reasons, some of them probably not as obvious as others because we tend to look at the outside for answers.

Let’s start with the first point that needs to be considered: Is it the right goal? This is where you need to ask yourself: Does this goal belong to me or to someone else? Is this what I really want? Goal achievement – and I mean major goal achievement – has to be back by what Napoleon Hill referred to as a “burning desire.” You have to really want it. This can only happen if the goal truly belongs to you. When your goal belongs to you, you will be able to find the persistence required to keep going even when faced with challenges, because you will face challenges.

After you have re-assessed your goal, you want to look at yourself and ask yourself some more questions:

- What are my beliefs? Do I truly believe I can achieve this goal? Do I believe it on a conscious level but not on a subconscious level? The results will always reflect what is in the subconscious mind.

- What are my paradigms? Paradigms are a composite of beliefs and habits that control our perception, behaviors, and results. They keep us “stuck” – they affect our use of time, our effectiveness and productivity, our ability to earn money, our relationships, etc. This is the programming that is controlling us 96-98% of the time, and if our habits are non-productive, even though we know we can do better or should do something different, we keep doing the same thing. Trying harder is not the solution. A paradigm shift needs to occur to change the results.

- What’s my self-image? Does it match my goal? If not, this will hold you back. Your self-image is a cybernetic instrument and it will ensure your results match your self-image. Dr. Maxwell Maltz explained very well in his book Pschocybernetics that not only are we goal-seeking organisms but also that we can never outperform our self-image.

Then you really need to dive even further in your mindset. In the Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles explains: What makes the difference between two individuals who may be selling the exact same product, at the exact same price in the same market place is if they operate with the laws of the universe or against them. This is where Wallace D. Wattles introduces the idea of doing things “a certain way.” Are you acting in the spirit of your goal? Are you making decisions from your goal vs. your current circumstances? Are you competing or are you creating?

Did you know that we have 6 higher mental faculties but that we either don’t utilize them to their full potential or we use them against ourselves? Those faculties are your will, your reason, imagination, intuition, perception and memory.

So ask yourself: Am I using my higher mental faculties against me or for me?

A shift in perception alone can help you uncover solutions. Combine that with your imagination and you will be able to find new ways of achieving your goal. Instead of focusing on why something can’t be done or the problem, flip to the opposite side and ask yourself “How can I?” and start making a list of ideas. The ideas will come if you focus on seeing your goal already accomplished in your mind. You must be I harmony with your goal.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to use our higher mental faculties against ourselves. For example, when faced with a problem or a situation that is not favorable, we tend to imagine worst case scenario and we tend to focus on the problem. When you emotionalize those worse case scenarios (such as with worry or fear), you actually set up an attractive force to bring those very things into your life. Learning how to control your mind and remain in charge regardless of circumstances is key to success and achieving any goal. That is especially important when you are faced with challenges or an economy that seems to work against you.

One additional question you may want to ask yourself: Do you let outside circumstances influence your thoughts and decisions? When you make decisions based on your balance sheet or bank account (supposing they are not where you want them to be), you are acting on a lower frequency and can only attract more of the same conditions to you.

To close this out, if you really want to achieve your goal, make sure you:

1. Clarify your goal

2. Shift your paradigms, self-image and beliefs to be in harmony with your goal

3. Learn to master your 6 higher mental faculties and stay in charge no matter the circumstances.

4. Learn to make decisions from your goal vs. your current circumstances

5. Last but not least, ask yourself: Am I truly committed to my goal? Am I willing to do whatever it takes? There is actually a big difference between being committed and interested in achieving a goal. When we are interested, we do what’s convenient. When we are committed, we do whatever it takes, we accept no excuses (whether they are money, time, etc…). So where you do fall? Are you interested or committed?

If you are committed, I challenge you to join my 6-week year-end challenge that starts on 11/16. Be ready to finish the year strong! Learn how to harness your higher mental faculties to create the results you want (instead of using them against yourself). When you learn to control your mind, you learn to control your results.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in 6 weeks once you learn how to use those higher faculties. The link is below to register and I really look forward to see you then!

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