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Can problems be your best friends?

Are you seeing problems or opportunities?

Both are one side of the same coin – both are always present. What we see is shaped by our perception. But with a shift in perception and the right intention, you will see the opportunity in your problem. In fact, the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. The solution you will identify may be a door to a successful business, or it may be the learning/lesson you needed right now in order to move forward. Yes, a problem can be your best friend.

In order to create success, you must train yourself to look for the good in every situation – no matter how dire it may seem. Not just the silver lining, but truly the learning and the opportunity to create something better. Problems, especially big ones, force us to shift, rethink our current strategies, behaviors, course of action… Maybe it’s the wrong approach. Or maybe we need to create new rules. It’s the opportunity to just go off the beaten path and create something new. And this is usually where you will meet success. That is why problems can be your best friend - they force you to challenge the status quo and look at the situation differently, take a different approach.

Whatever you do when you face a problem, ask yourself: Am I thinking about the problem (in which case that is all you will ever see) or solutions? There is no middle – you are either on the solution side or the problem side. You are either thinking about what you want, or what you don’t want. Whichever side you are on, remember this: it expands. That is why we become what think about. So choose wisely - intentionally remove your attention from the problem, as if you were a 3rd party, and contemplate the situation from a different angle. What opportunity is there in this situation? How could you turn it into something good? How would someone you respect look at it? What would they do?

While this exercise may be difficult at first, the more you practice it, the more skilled you will get at it, and you will discover that opportunities lurk everywhere.

And if you want a little boost to help you on this path, join a mastermind group! Gain the insights, knowledge and perspective of others to help you shift from problem to solution instantly. Don't have a mastermind yet? No worries - you can join one here!

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