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Daring the Path of Entrepeneurship

I never dared thinking I would own my own business until I encountered Bob Proctor’s coaching program Thinking Into Results which radically transformed me.

Entrepeneurship takes courage. The path of entrepreneurship is about accepting risks, mistakes, failures, criticism, struggles, as you try to find your way, especially since you can’t be an expert in all areas that require a business to be successful. But know this, even if you make mistakes, it is better to take action than to do nothing or stay stuck in the planning phase. We learn much faster by taking action and course-correcting.

Entrepreneurship starts with a dream, a vision, a goal. But how do you keep going in the face of adversity?

This is where mindset comes in. In Earl Nightingale’s recording of the Magic Word – Attitude – we realize that our attitude, our mindset is essential to our success. In fact, success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy. Earl clearly states that it is our attitude at the beginning of a task which determines its outcome.

So as you set out into your next business goal, what is your expectation?

Do you look for the opportunity in the challenges?

Success is not about doing certain things but doing things in a certain way states Wallace D Wattles in the Science of Getting Rich. What’s this “certain way” anyway?

The list is not exhaustive but here are some ideas:

- It’s your attitude

- It’s the thoughts you hold regarding your business and your circumstances, and more importantly, learning to not internalize any negative thoughts – regardless of what’s going on.

- It’s about leaving others with an impression of increase, treating them as the most important person in the world as Earl Nightingale says.

- It’s working on being 1% better every day

- It’s the energy you put behind your actions. What are you sending out to the universe? Know that it will come back.

As you embark on this journey of entrepreneurship, understand that taking control of your thoughts is key. This is especially true when results are not there yet. If you control your thoughts and hold on to your vision, your vibration and actions remain in harmony with your goal, which means you are moving closer to your goal. Realize that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence – so keep up the work. On the other hand, letting negative thoughts control you will impact your vibration and actions and perpetuate a cycle of disappointing results.

If you are struggling on your entrepreneurship journey, mentorship is likely to be the one thing that can propel you to your goals! Set up a free coaching session to find out if coaching is right for you!

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