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Do you celebrate YOU?

While we recently celebrated International Women’s Day a few weeks ago, I am a strong believer that women should be celebrated daily – and more importantly celebrate themselves daily.

Between professional and familial obligations, women often put their own needs and care on the back seat – it is time to make you a priority, to put yourself first.

Down the road, there is a price to pay if we ignore this advice…

Things flow best and thrive when we are at our best, and that means we need to take care of ourselves first and put ourselves first, so we can then show up as the best mom, spouse, employee, boss, and any other hat you wear.


When we start putting ourselves first vs. the needs of others, we start tapping into the place of creating and being, letting our true spirit come out.  It allows us to shift from the forcing, trying harder, being drained, to the allowing, where things can flow more easily into our lives.

It is time for us create true well-being, success and experience abundance in every part of our lives (time, money, relationships, etc.). When you put yourself first, you are then able to give so much more to those around you – may it be family or work.

This may require a shift in beliefs and habits. I encourage you to analyze the beliefs you may have that go against your ability to thrive and put yourself first.


Another question to really ask yourself: Do you value YOU? What does your calendar and bank account say about that? You can’t expect to be valued and celebrated if you don’t do it for yourself first. In fact, even look at your gratitude journal: We often focus on what we are grateful for.  Are you grateful for you too? It is time to embrace the whole you, your whole story, with every challenge and triumph that has shaped you, your character, your qualities, your mistakes and your little quirks. Be grateful for your unique story and the person you've become – every part of it!


As you embark on the next few weeks, I challenge you to:

-              Do something that is self-care related

-              Do something to make you feel like a Queen – treat yourself with nothing but the best!

-              Reflect daily: Spend a few minutes each day reflecting on aspects of your character and essence for which you're grateful. These could be your courage, compassion, drive, or even your ability to laugh in tough times.

-              Invest in yourself! You are your best asset and the best investment you can ever make. Personal growth is a lifestyle that can help you live a fuller, happier, more productive and prosperous life.

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