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Feeling in a rut or dissatisfied with your career?

You are not alone! Most people experience this at one point or another, including high performers. Some of it may be due to the work culture you are in, but sometimes, even when the culture is right, you can experience that lack of enthusiasm for your job – that feeling stuck and not quite inspired. It may be that your current position does not provide you with enough growth, or is not challenging you enough to bring more of you to the surface, to do better than ever before, to acquire new skills.

As human beings, we were all designed to grow, and the spiritual side of us is always seeking expansion.

Let’s reframe dissatisfaction for a moment. Dissatisfaction can be a good thing, if we learn how to capitalize on it. There is something quite paradoxical when we are “content” with our careers – we get complacent, we stop challenging ourselves, and whether we realize it or not, because this world is in a constant state of motion, if we are not moving forward, we are actually moving backwards. Being content can be a bit of a trap – we don’t have that fire that pushes us to go beyond our current ways of operating, thinking, and doing. Our habits work just fine and our goals are likely not stretching us beyond our current paradigm.

On the flipside, dissatisfaction - when strong enough - creates that urge to make a change. This is where growth happens!

Dissatisfaction prompts us to re-assess what matters to us the most right now, our priorities and what we want to be doing (or not doing). It’s the perfect time to set a new goal – one that stretches far beyond the current situation.

In frustration, some will fall back to something that they have done before (or similar) because they lack the confidence of going for what they really want, and because they don’t know how to attain it, they go for something “safe.” That will eventually lead to more frustration.

If you are feeling in a rut or dissatisfied with your current job, it is the perfect time to assess what you REALLY want to be doing, how you really want to be spending the majority of your time, EVERY day.

Here is the difference between successful people and those who are “almost” successful: Successful people don’t let the HOW stop them. Just because they don’t know how to get to their goal doesn’t mean they should change their goal. Instead, they lock in on that vision and put in all their efforts and energy into making it a reality. Successful people understand that while you may not have the whole plan, there is at least one thing you can do today to get closer towards that goal and that the remaining steps will appear along the way. They operate with the mindset that is required to achieve their goal.

If you are experiencing dissatisfaction with your current job or career, today is the time to decide on what you want to do.

But here is what you need to know:

- Don’t settle. Go for what you really want. Your goal should be worthy of you.

- Be willing to pay the price (time, money, learning new skills you may need to acquire, effort, perseverance, being willing to fail).

- Find out what habits you need to develop to achieve that goal (find people who have achieved your goal if you are not sure).

- Determine who you need to become in order to achieve that goal. The current you has not achieved that goal for a reason. Some things need to change: thoughts, beliefs, habits, behaviors, plans, etc… Get a coach or mentor to help you with that. No point in wasting 10 years of your life when you can get the right guidance and make things happen in less than 2.

- Change your attitude and control your mind.

If you are constantly focused on the dissatisfaction you are experiencing, this is not going to lead to a productive behavior that will help you attain your goal. Additionally, the ideas you will get, are not going to be ideas that are in harmony with your goal or very effective. You need to start thinking from your goal if you want to make serious strides towards it. And remember that you can only attract to you people, circumstances, resources that are in harmony with your current vibration. If you are involved with negative thoughts (dissatisfaction), you can only attract to you similar situations. You may actually be quite surprised at the changes you can experience by just changing your attitude. In fact, William James – US philosopher and psychologist – stated “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

As for controlling your mind – while this is tied to your attitude, it is important to understand that we constantly get input from the outside. We may observe things that we dislike on a daily basis – but the problem is that we then get emotionally involved with those ideas. In order to achieve something of significance, we must not let the outside control our thoughts. We must develop our higher mental faculties in order to remain in control and therefore create the results we want.

Technically, we can achieve anything – but it requires that we control our thoughts, feelings and actions – to be in harmony with our goal. Napoleon Bonaparte understood this when he stated “I see only my objective, the obstacles must give way.” Edison himself failed 1000 times in his attempt to invent the incandescent lightbulb. This required an unparalleled attitude and control of his mind – not letting the apparent failures put an end to his attempts. Edison’s state of mind is illustrated in his response to the fact that he failed 1000 times. He replied: “I didn't fail 1000 times. The lightbulb was an invention with 1000 steps.”

What’s your 1000 steps? What is the one step you are going to take today? Share and comment, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

And don’t forget to explore your own backyard – sometimes there is a gold mine right there…

Lu Tandazo – Transformational Mindset Coach.

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