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Going through a rough spot?

Sometimes life throws you curve balls, or we feel stuck – things seem to not be working in our favor, we can’t seem to get a break. This leaves us feeling frustrated and wondering “why?” or “what’s wrong? what am I doing wrong?” You can even feel defeated and start doubting ourselves. We then often find ourselves asking for guidance from God/the universe, a trusted friend…

#1 It is OK to have those ups and downs – we are all having a human experience and it’s part of the law of opposites! Both are necessary. Don’t beat yourself up – just focus on getting all the negativity, frustration out of yourself! Journal it and then burn or shred that piece of paper. Get it all out of you. Release it completely and declare that you release it! And remember, before something better can enter your life, there will be a rough spot! It’s like a rite of passage when you experience growth.

#2 After you’ve acknowledged those feelings and released them – PAUSE. Ask yourself: What are you truly thinking about? See, the way you feel is driven by your thoughts – and you don’t need to be attracting anymore negative stuff in your life right now. So this is the time to CHOOSE better thoughts. YES, you can consciously choose your thoughts. Instead of focusing on the problem, intentionally choose to focus on the ideal outcome you’d like to see – even though you have no idea how it will come through. Then, embrace the feeling of that outcome: How does it feel now that your ideal outcome has come to fruition?

Let it fill all of your being…. Now you are ready to ask for guidance. So ask. And you will get an answer. Know this: Answers always come. The key is, are you listening? You can’t hear the message if you are busy being upset and frustrated. So take the time to quiet your mind (meditation is great) and to get back into a positive vibration.

Make it a point to be on the vibration of your goal so you are ready to hear the answers…

Last but not least, here is today’s quote: “Walk by faith, not by sight.”

Whether you believe in the universe or God, I invite you to make a commitment to walk by faith every day - regardless of your current situation.

You can't receive the things you wish to receive if you don't develop the faith that it has already been granted, that it's already here - though you may not be able to see it quite yet. It's like planting your seeds and digging them up because you don't see the sprouts yet. Everything has a gestation period - trust the process. Don't go dig up your seeds!

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Lu Tandazo - Transformational Mindset Coach - focuses on empowering individuals to live a life they love and designed according to their values.

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