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How gratitude can change your life...

Often, when you feel stuck, when you feel like you are in a bad spot, a shift in perception can drastically change things and help you move out of that spot.

Gratitude creates a shift in perception as you look for the good in the situation and therefore look at the situation from a different angle and in a more objective manner. Everything has good and bad in it – it’s the law of opposites – and we choose what we focus on. Do you choose to look at the glass half empty or half-full?

Gratitude not only shifts your thoughts but also shifts your vibration. To note, we attract what we are in harmony with. Essentially, we attract more of what we are thinking about. That’s why our thoughts are so powerful and that’s why gratitude is such a great way to shift your thoughts to the positive, whenever you feel upset or stuck in a bad situation. By shifting to the positive aspect of things, you bring more of those good things into your life. The beautiful thing is that when you feel grateful, your attitude and behavior change, and when your behavior changes, your results will change. Once you start appreciating the people and things around you, they respond differently to you and the magic starts…

How can you practice gratitude you may ask? I initially found the exercise a bit challenging, because the key to gratitude is that you have to feel it. You truly have to feel grateful for that thing. And sure, we rationalize well, I should be grateful for my job, my house, my car, etc… but it does not mean I feel it.

- So pick things that you really feel grateful for, things that make you feel good. And initially it may be feeling the sunshine on your face ,or the big hug your pet gave you, or a smile someone gave you… Build on it and every day, try to think of 10 things you are grateful for.

- Next, give thanks for your challenges. Why? Because your challenges can also be opportunities – look for the good in them, look for what there is to learn and how this can help you grow and achieve your goal. I know that I went through some challenging phases in my life and even with my business, challenges do come up – but I have found that they help me grow, raise my awareness so that I can help even more people who face the same challenges and truly understand them.

- A wonderful addition to your gratitude practice is to be grateful for the things you wish to happen in your life, but write those in the present tense, as if those had already happened. Feel grateful for those things because they are already here.

- At last but not least, send love to those who are bothering you and ask for guidance from universal intelligence, spirit, God, whatever greater power you believe in. When you practice gratitude, you will be much more receptive to guidance you may receive in order to free yourself from any bothersome situation and action steps leading you to your goal. Learn to trust your intuition.

Enjoy the transformation as you practice gratitude daily.

Lu Tandazo - Success Mindset Coach

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