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How to Beat Procrastination

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

"Decision without discipline turns into wishing. Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it.” – Bob Proctor

I'd love to share with you something Bob shared and that can truly help you on your journey – whether you are a career professional or entrepreneur.

Early on, Bob Proctor’s first mentor - Ray Stanford - shared with Bob "You need only one quality to succeed. You must have discipline.”

It didn't take long for Bob to figure out that Ray was right, and that true discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it. Think about all the things you know you should be doing, yet you are procrastinating on doing them, keep pushing them off. What if you gave yourself a command that you are going to do it and right now! (Tip: Never delay taking action, or you will keep procrastinating. Don’t push things off till tomorrow if you can do them today. Focus on what you can do today instead and prioritize).

Back to discipline… Discipline doesn’t mean creating a schedule you despise or that you suddenly fall in love with waking up early or making cold calls or wading thru objections. It means you make the conscious decision that you will continue to take productive action steps toward your goals, and you persevere. You create a routine, a schedule for yourself that requires that you take action every day towards the thing you want.

If there is something you must do to achieve the success you desire and the idea haunts you, consider what it will cost you to let fear or some other excuse stand in the way of your perseverance.

There is a misunderstood principle in life that all successful people, the rich, those successful in business, or those living life by their own design love to do these things therefore success has been easy for them. This is simply not true.

They paid the price too! What they have done is developed the skill of self-discipline and created life by their own design by living on purpose.

Here are three things you can do to get started:

1. Realize - If you want something different in life, you’re going to have to do things differently. Then, command yourself to do what you know must be done and follow it. Start by changing one behavior/habit at a time.

2. Schedule - From the time you get up until the time you go to bed. If you have a schedule, you’re more apt to do the things you really need to do, to get where you want to go.

3. Hold the image – See yourself being successful at what you want to do, see yourself doing the things that you have been procrastinating about. Envision a complete shift. And proceed to let that vision unfold every day.

It may be challenging at first; however, you’ll get stronger and better, and eventually, Self-discipline will become a habit. You will find you will be able to do more of what you want to do and more of what you need to do, instead of only what you think you can do.

Now go live it!

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