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How to Stay Positive and Persist Through Disappointments and Job Rejections

Have you ever felt disappointed?

Maybe you didn’t get that job you had applied for, or you didn’t get that contract, or you didn’t get that sale, or some of your life plans fell through… Yes, life has lots of twists and turns. A feeling of despondency usually takes over after the event occurs. It’s normal, and it’s OK for a little bit, but your ability to not let those feelings expand and take over is essential.

It’s so easy to just let those feelings cast a shadow over your life. Sometimes it lasts a few hours, sometimes days, sometimes weeks.

While it is okay to be disappointed, it is your job to release that feeling and not let it create a ripple effect on the rest of your life – because you can only attract what you are in harmony with. And you certainly don't want more disappointments. So, what do you do next?

The first thing you can do is dive into gratitude. Intentionally look for the good in your life, no matter how small. That shifts you from the negative to the positive and helps release that disappointment.


I recall when I was trying to shift from my teaching careers to the corporate world – getting all the silences or rejections to my job applications…. All the NOs. I also recall when my first marriage didn’t work out - it definitely was not the life I had pictured for myself when I had married that person. All of those disappointments and rejections can take a toll on your self-esteem after a while and definitely test your persistence.

Sometimes, those disappointments can lead to desperate moves, especially when you are trying to get out of a toxic work environment or out of a job due to unforeseen reasons – and you are just hoping to get another job somewhere else - just a job - maybe even a step down, anything… Ultimately, that leads to more disappointments...

The ability to pick oneself up and persisting is crucial to creating a life we love vs. a life created by default - due to often unforeseen circumstances. This is where the “winners” stand out. Because you can only attract what you are in harmony with, your ability to shift your focus away from those negative events and how they make you feel is essential. Your job is to refocus on your goal (make sure to have a clear goal in mind and clear intentions) and then develop your persistence skills. Those two combined will drive your daily choices (in lieu of your negative experiences driving them) and are key to you receiving different outcomes. Most often, the difference between those who succeed and fail is a razor’s edge, they just made that one more phone call, etc… You are just one NO closer to a YES.

Start by reminding yourself that you have the ability to achieve whatever it is you desire. Use those disappointments as a reflection time – not to dwell but to ask yourself – what do you truly want?


A powerful way to shift your energy away from the disappointment and to rebuild the belief in yourself is through the act of giving. Today, choose to go out and do something for someone (not expecting anything in return). Just seeing that other person smile or knowing you made their day is the fuel that can put you back on your path with even more determination than before.


Then it’s about creating a plan for success:

1.     Have a clear vision

2.     Develop self-reliance and self-belief (affirmations are a great way to do this)

3.     Develop success habits that will ensure your success.

4.     Get into a mastermind group that will support you on your journey, provide you with the answers that you need on your road to success. You want to surround yourself with true allies and people who can give you the knowledge and ideas that you do not possess on your own to help you succeed.

5.     Develop your persistence skills.


You have more in you than you believe and remember that when door closes another one opens. So press on !



If you’d like to work on your persistence skills, I invite to join our free study session on Persistence on 2/13/24 at 7 pm. 

If you are looking for a mastermind group, you can try out a session here! (They occur weekly).

Lu Tandazo - Success Mindset Coach @Dream Into Success



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