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Looking for an opportunity?

Opportunity has a queer way of stalking the person who can recognize it and is ready to embrace it.

It is a curious quirk of human nature that some people can see opportunities, while others only see problems. When you train your mind to seek out opportunities, you will find that every day literally presents you with more opportunities you can take advantage of. They will be around you. Instead of your seeking opportunities, they will seek you out.

Here are some tips to help you identify and attract those opportunities:

- Analyze your attitude: Do you expect success? Not just at the conscious level but more importantly, deep at the subconscious level, do you truly expect it? You will only attract success and opportunities if you expect them. No matter how good your attitude is, you can always improve it. Good things come to those who expect good things. In fact, Wallace D Wattles stated in the Science of Getting Rich “The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground. You fix attention upon the common, the ordinary, the poor and the squalid and mean; and your mind takes the form of these things. Then you will transmit these forms or mental images to the Formless, and the common, the poor, the squalid, and mean will come to you. To permit your mind to dwell upon the inferior is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things. On the other hand, to fix your attention on the best is to surround yourself with the best and become the best.” Focus on the good and practice gratitude – truly feel it. Wallace D Wattles further states “The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best; therefore it tends to become the best; it takes the form and character of the best, and it will receive the best.” I will add to this that gratitude allows you to see the best, to see the opportunity in the midst of a challenge.

- Keep an open mind: I know it sounds simple, but we are so used to seeing the world a certain way, that we often miss opportunities that come along. Practice keeping an open mind and you will start noticing opportunities. One way you can practice this is by asking yourself, how can I shift my perception on this today? Try to look at the situation from a stranger’s perspective or from the perspective of a mentor, colleague, friend, etc. What do they see that you do not see? How would they look at this and what would they say? Earl Nightingale often said “If there seems to be no opportunity in our work, it is not always because it’s not there, but because we can’t see it.”

- Opportunities often come disguised as challenges, temporary defeat. Napoleon Hill stated in Think and Grow Rich “That is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat. Perhaps this why so many fail to recognize opportunity.”

In fact, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. Shift your focus away from the problem and intentionally look for the opportunity. Ask yourself: What could be good in this situation, how can I turn it into something good and take advantage of it?

- Try something illogical: If you want to make a quantum leap in your results and attract opportunities, you will need to do some things that are not logical or rational. Challenge yourself to try something new today, something you would never do normally. Learn to follow your intuition vs. always letting your rational mind take control. Most often, our paradigms (set of habits and beliefs) prevent us from recognizing opportunities and reaching our goals because they keep us stuck in the same habits and therefore same results. Learn to step out of the box. Get uncomfortable – in fact, get comfortable being uncomfortable. This is where you will uncover opportunities, by doing things that are uncomfortable, taking risks (bet on yourself!) and remembering that failure is a stepping stone to success.

- Network: Networking allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and learn about potential opportunities.

- Study: Continuous learning keeps you updated on industry trends and helps you hone your skills, which sets you up for success when the opportunity presents itself. Your job is to become outstanding at your work, and opportunities will come to you.

Lu Tandazo - Success Mindset Coach

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