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Love - a key ingredient to success

Did you know that success is all about love?

It is! Yes, you must love what you do, but there is more...

It starts by loving yourself, loving every part of your journey, loving the good you already have in your life, loving all the progress, learnings, successes you have experienced, loving your body and realizing that you are this amazing human being! Once you truly learn to love yourself, that you are worthy of the best, this is when success shows up!


Loving yourself is at the root of you loving your life and attracting to you all the good that you desire. Love is one of the most powerful frequencies.


Here are some tips to get started:

  • Start by changing your opinion of yourself and make a list of all the amazing things you love about yourself (from your personality to your body and your past accomplishments, what you have overcome in life).

  • Refuse to doubt or second-guess yourself

  • Refuse to let anyone’s opinion influence you: No-one can make you happy or know what’s best for you. Their opinion doesn’t matter - it’s flawed with their own paradigms, limiting beliefs, confidence issues, etc…

  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself, what you are grateful for about yourself.

  • Get to know yourself: You are so much more than meets the eye and you have so much potential awaiting to be developed!

  • The more you love yourself, the more you can love others and love your life - so get in the spirit of it and become an embodiment of love! It is also the only way you can attract true love into your life. You must love yourself first! When you love yourself, you have so much more love to give out to the world and success is magnetized to that energy! Love is Success and Success is Love.


So go out and love yourself, love others and love your life - then be ready to experience magical moments.

Lu Tandazo

Success Mindset Coach

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