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Making the best of the holidays and preparing for a successful 2024

As we are gearing up for the holidays, we often get wrapped up in the things to do at this busy time of the year.

Here are my tips to make this year-end successful and starting the New Year with confidence:

  1. Truly look at your to-do list and figure out what you REALLY want to do, how you want to spend your time, what you want to experience, what matters to you. Do only the things you want to do, delegate or ditch the rest. Stop doing things because you “should.”

  2. Take time to take care of you so you can really enjoy these holidays. Stay present, enjoy the moment.

  3. Decide now what you want to make happen in 2024, your priorities. Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to set your resolutions - because let’s be honest, how often do you truly stick to them?

  4. Look at the intention, attitude, goals you have set for next year. Then make a list of the things you know you will need to do or change, habits you will need to incorporate. Let’s say your word for the year is gratitude - then maybe it means starting your day with your gratitude journal, every day. Let’s say your goal is to get a new job. Then you could focus on skills you should acquire to make yourself the most qualified candidate (look at courses you can take) as well as networking with the people you want to work with. You will need to take action every day - whatever your goal is.

  5. Don’t go at it alone. Your chances of succeeding without someone are small. Habits are hard to change or acquire. Get an accountability partner or a mentor.

  6. Focus on growth: in order to get different results in your life, you need to change and grow. Nothing ever changes until you change the inside, what’s in your mind. Make it a year where you will invest in you - your growth, your success, your well-being. Start by identifying what’s holding you back to figure out a plan! (Happy to help you sort that out and give you some pointers).

Make it a fabulous holiday season and walk with confidence into the new year with a plan!!!

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