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Mastering procrastination

Have you ever noticed that there is a big difference between what we know and what we actually do? Think about the times that we know we should do something yet we don’t do it. It could be something as simple as following up with leads when it comes to business, or not eating that piece of chocolate cake if we are trying to lose weight, or finishing a project instead of watching TV/spending time on social media…

If you look closely, there are a lot of things we do that we know we shouldn’t do, and there are lots of things we know we should do yet we don’t do them. And it shows in our results. Those don’t lie. And it causes a lot of frustration!

We think it’s just a procrastination problem or a lack of willpower, but it’s not about willpower. Our behaviors and habits are controlled by subconscious thoughts. We actually have a program running in our mind and that’s the one that’s in control, and that is why we keep doing the same thing (even though we know better) – even if it gives us results that we don’t want. This program is what makes habits are so hard to change despite our desire to do so. If we manage to change a habit, it’s usually only temporary. More often than not, we tend to go back to our old habits.

Take someone who doesn’t like to show up on camera though they know this could make a big impact on their business, or someone spending most of their time on email instead of doing some other goal achieving activities, or sleeping in instead of going to the gym… We’ve all been there – there are some things we don’t like to do, they make us uncomfortable, and we procrastinate. Some of those things may be the results of some underlying fear (fear of making mistakes or the opinion of others), but many times, we just have these non-productive habits we can’t seem to shift! We know better but we keep doing it and sabotage ourselves!

Think even about all the courses or trainings you have taken (may it be about sales or your craft), are you applying all that information? If you are not, the cause is rooted in your subconscious mind. So ask yourself, what thoughts or beliefs have created my current habits? Where did I inherit this from? Most of your habits come from your ancestors, parents or caregivers, and people you spend a lot of time with, your environment, societal norms, etc.

Even Napoleon Hill explained in his book Think and Grow Rich “When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it and become influence by it.” It has then become part of their programming.

Once you change the programming (often referred to as paradigms), you hold the keys to transforming your behaviors and therefore your results! In order to change your non-productive habits, you will need to change your thoughts around the behavior you are wanting to change. This is the only way to create permanent change in your behavior and therefore your results. Once you change those subconscious thoughts, those paradigms, you can then replace a non-productive behavior with a productive one.

By changing your subconscious thoughts, you can then overcome procrastination. Paired with the power of decision, you can then re-prioritize your activities and make sure that you accomplish those most impactful goal-achieving activities as you start your day.

What’s your biggest non-productive habit? What are you struggling to change that you know could get you better results?

Lu Tandazo - Transformational Mindset Coach

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