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The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine...

What a great quote!

How many times do you find yourself doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing and know this is not going to get you the results you want? It could be raising your voice at your kids (and then you feel like a terrible mom), it could be eating that piece of cake when you are on a diet, it could be scrolling through social media for an hour when you are already exhausted, it could be spending money that you meant to save for that trip, it could be getting into an argument with a loved one, it could be worrying constantly about your special needs child, etc…

What do you find yourself doing that you somehow wonder “why am I doing that?”

More likely than not, you also feel disappointed and frustrated because it’s not what you meant to do, but you are still doing it.

Why? Because 96-98% of the time we are on auto pilot. If you are struggling to change something or accomplish a specific goal, that is the very reason why. Since our actions and behaviors create our results, but that those behaviors are habitual, it’s kind of like a trap. It all comes down to this programming that we have running in the background and that’s in control the majority of the time. That leaves us with only 2-4% of the time where we consciously choose what we do. The rest of the time, we revert to our default programming.

That programming affects everything in our lives, from the way we greet people, to our productivity, our income, our logic, our use of time, our relationships, etc. That programming keeps us boxed in. If we want to achieve a significant goal, if we want to improve a specific part of our lives, then we are going to have to change that programming.

And when you change that programming (also called paradigms), you then open a new door to life.

So how do I change my programming you may ask? There are basically 2 ways to change it. One is through an emotional impact (something so strong that you suddenly shift in the way you look at life and change your habits as a result) – this is however often a negative emotional impact like the loss of a loved one, a tragedy. The other way to change that programming is through constant spaced repetition – replacing an old paradigm with a new one. So when you look at what needs to be replaced, first look at your habits, your thoughts and beliefs, your self-image, etc… Which ones are limiting and negative? What could you replace them with? Then make a conscious decision to replace them (and that’s something I can help you do). But as you do so, you must explore YOU, the unique and amazing human being that you are and rethink what you are capable of.

So start reading, start studying you and discover what you are really capable of.

All successful people invest in their personal development, and so can you. Start adopting their habits: Read and study, engage in physical activity, meditate, listen to motivational programs or positive affirmations. No matter what - be disciplined. You may say I don't have the time - you make the time. Look at where you are currently not very productive and choose to do those things instead. Start small. You can start by reading 15 minutes in the morning before the kids are up and build on those good habits.

When you shift your thoughts and habits, you allow yourself to significantly improve your quality of life and make a quantum leap towards a meaningful goal.

So what are some of those habits and behaviors you find yourself doing but that are not the ones you want to be having? What if you could stop worrying?

What do you think would happen if you could change on or more of those behaviors? Would your family benefit from it? Would your financial situation improve? Would your career get a boost? What else would improve?

Want to learn more? Schedule a free coaching session here.

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