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Your attitude - your growth - your life

A little over two years ago, my third baby was born. The birth didn’t go as planned and to my and my provider’s surprise, my little baby was not as expected. A genetic analysis confirmed that he had a rare syndrome (Apert Syndrome) which causes premature fusion of the bones, primarily skull, hands and feet. He had other issues as well which translated into an extended NICU stay. My husband had just lost his job right before our little man was born and this was to last for a year, as we were embarking on a journey of medical procedures, appointments, therapy sessions, surgeries and the like, all the while wondering how we would pay for those. Our little boy had 4 major surgeries in his first 2 years of life, and several of those included out-of-state travel.

As I reflected upon our situation, I had two choices: Was I going to be the victim (why our family?) or was I going look at this as an opportunity to grow and learn?

What’s your attitude towards life?

Life will always throw you curve balls. Do you see them as opportunities to grow? It’s the universe giving you a nudge.

I’ve learned so much from this journey. First, I have a much deeper understanding of what it means to have a special needs child, but beyond that, gratitude has taken a whole new meaning for me. We take things for granted and I decided to look at the blessings in this situation: my husband (yes, without a job) was home bonding with our child and I was blessed to have a very supportive work environment as I started my medical mom journey.

Then let’s look at my son… Apert syndrome in itself implies limitations – the bones have fused preventing the brain the grow, he had no fingers and no toes… He could not hold my finger, not feed himself, much less hold a toy, etc… But with surgeries and his astounding resilience and persistence, he always found a way. He taught me that nothing is impossible unless I decide it is in my mind. He could wet his little mitten hand and make the food stick to it to eat. He is the embodiment of the “I can” attitude, backed up with resilience and persistence.

How many times do you tell yourself you can’t do something because you don’t have the skills, the experience, the money, the time, the knowledge, etc… I challenge you to RETHINK your current assumptions, to question your current paradigms.

Of course my little guy has plenty of therapy sessions and things he needs to work on, but he is thriving and brings out joy to the world. His medical needs could be burdensome, but I choose to focus on the sunshine he brings to our home and his laugh. What do you focus on? Do you choose your thoughts? It is a choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all my three children, but my little guy has taught me more about life than any other. We are meant to grow, we have unlimited potential inside of us and it is up to us to develop it. This little man also awakened my true passion and purpose in life – that is to help and guide others to reach their true potential and live their true purpose in life.

Join me on this growth journey. You are meant for more. It’s time you really go for your dreams. Are you ready to reach your true potential and to become the best version of yourself? Are you ready to do what you really want to do in life?

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