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Your purpose to a meaningful life

Today I was thinking about the beautiful souls I have encountered or spoken with recently. One who wants to build a free/affordable tennis program for underprivileged children, one who wants to help abandoned animals, one who grew up in the Bronx – recovered from addiction and now wants to help all the people who struggle with spiritual health. These people’s dreams and goals WILL make the world a better place and I am blessed to have crossed their paths.

After many years in Human Resources – and seeing day in and day out uncalled for behavior from employees – one starts to have a biased vision of human kind. It reminded me of this story from the book Psycho-cybernetics from Dr. Maxwell Maltz who explained that when someone is first exposed to crime, they are going to reject it. But if they are exposed to it long enough, it becomes normal and they start embracing it.

So I now look at all these souls around us, all these souls that may have been broken, exposed long enough to a negative environment and where they likely do not feel worthy inside, do not realize that they also have something meaningful, a purpose, something they can do to make this world a better place. It is so deep buried inside of them that they do not know it’s there.

Tomorrow, if you cross path with such person, tell them they are worthy and have something special inside of them, a unique gift that they need to nourish, that they are meant for more…

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