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Are you using your mind to work for you or against you?

Most people go through life and just try to deal with the set of cards they have been given, without much thought as to whether they can influence their circumstances. Additionally, we have been conditioned since birth to observe our circumstances, gather data through our 5 senses (whether it’s the economy, a pandemic, what a doctor may have told you in terms of prognostic, what you’ve read about your child’s condition and what to expect, etc.) and to use that data to not only form ideas about our world, but also to make decisions on how to operate in this world. While this seems pretty good, this however leaves us subject to our circumstances, even a victim of our circumstances if those happen to not be in our favor. Because yes, let’s face it, nobody truly asks to lose a job, to have a special needs child, to be ill, to struggle financially and so forth.

Studies of the mind have shown that the mind is extremely powerful – and it will create for us amazing results or not so amazing results depending how we use it. All great thinkers have agreed upon one fact: We become what we think about.

While most of us let the outside world direct our thoughts (this is called living outside in), we actually have 6 higher mental faculties that can be utilized to create the life we want.

Learning how to use them properly is key to creating the life we want.

We already understand that our results come from our actions. But it is important to go back to what’s behind the behavior observed. Our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings dictate the actions that we take – which then translates into results.

By choosing our thoughts and controlling our thoughts, we learn to live inside out. Taking control of our higher mental faculties then becomes a key element in any endeavor we set to improve our current situation, life, or the way we feel.

One of these higher mental faculties is imagination. It seems so simple and you probably wonder why it matters.

First, some of us use this faculty more than others, some of us believe we are not creative and don’t have much of an imagination. This stems from the fact that we were told to stop day-dreaming when we were kids and some of us stopped exercising our imagination. Like any muscle, this higher mental faculty can be strengthened.

The other challenge we face is that we tend to use our imagination against us. We tend to imagine worst case scenarios, things going wrong, putting limits on what your special needs child will be able to accomplish, imagining the difficulties that they will go through in life, etc. It’s beyond anticipating problems – we focus on the possibility of failures, problems, etc. While this seems harmless, when thought is emotionalized (such as with fear or worry), it then sets up a signal to attract that very thing into our life. Andrew Carnegie stated so well: “Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to cloth itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.”

As we practice using our imagination, it is important to focus on the picture that we want, regardless of how unrealistic it may seem. That is when you use your imagination for you instead of against you. Imagination is the starting point of any major accomplishment in life. In fact, Napoleon Hill stated in Think and Grow Rich that “The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man. The impulse, the desire, is given shape, form and action through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind. It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine. […] Man’s only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination.”

In fact, when we go back to most inventions, such as when the Wright Brothers – 2 bicycle mechanics – took us off the ground, it was simply the result of their imagination. Despite everyone telling them it could not be done, to quit wasting time, they saw it in their mind and pursued that vision, regardless of current reality and circumstances. This is living inside out.

Also look at individuals with major accomplishments such as Stephen Hawking: He was diagnosed with ALS and given 2 years to live at the age of 21 yet lived till he was 76 and became a theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist, and eminent scientist. Do you think he let the outside control his thoughts?

So how are you using your imagination? Are you consciously utilizing your higher mental faculties to produce the results you want, to create the life you want?

If not, it’s not too late. Join me on my 6-week year-end challenge where I dive into each of the higher mental faculties that we possess and how to use them to create the life you want.

The challenge starts on 11/16/22 – time is ticking. Join us to finish this year strong and be ready to make 2023 your best year ever! Click here to join!

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