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What is your thought frequency?

Your current thoughts, vibration (point of attraction) and the type of actions you take are all set on one frequency. That frequency is set by your paradigms (located in your subconscious mind) and it determines the results you get - and will continue to get - until you change that paradigm. That’s why you may have heard the quote “You don’t get what you want, you get what you are.” Your current results will tell you exactly where your frequency is set.

Let’s break this down.

Someone currently earning $70,000 per year has thoughts of a person that earns $70,000/year, identifies with that identity, vibrates at that income level, feels like that type of person and acts like that type of person. It becomes a program - which runs 95-98% of the time subconsciously - hence it truly controls you and your results. In fact, even though we may not like our current results, we are so familiar with the way we feel and experience life that breaking away from it is like trying to overcome a mountain. Joe Dispenza likes to refer to it as an “addiction” (not to substances but to familiar feelings), I like to call it muscle memory because no matter what, ever cell of your body EXPECTS to experience the same thing and looks for the same thing (even though that is not what you want). Crazy right? Even though this is not what we want, subconsciously every cell of our body is looking for that same experience... Therefore the only way is change the results is by changing the program.

Every time you try to step out and go for something bigger in your life, your thoughts, feelings (vibration) and actions must all get on the frequency of your goal. You have to shift to a new gear, a new program. A dream is a start, but it’s not enough. You must have the thoughts of that type of person, feel and vibrate like that type of person and act like that type of person that has reached your goal.

To upgrade your frequency, you will need to upgrade the program that is embedded in your subconscious mind and runs most of the time. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you and understand that they only scare you because you are stepping out of your current program. It's unfamiliar, it's the unknown and there is a risk. By default, your program will tell you to just revert back to safety. It is up to you to recognize what's happening so you don't let it control you!

When the doubts and worry creep in - it’s time to double down on studying you - because those doubts will stop you right before you even start. Doubts, worries and fear kill the dreams and successes that are awaiting across humanity, and they send you right back to your comfort zone and familiar results. But you can break the cycle!

Commit this week to do 3 things!

  1. Take a look at your results and understand the frequency you are on. What thoughts, what feelings, what actions need to change?

  2. Commit to studying and changing that paradigm.

  3. Check out some of our upcoming events that can help with that or get in touch with me for some more personal recommendations.

Once you align your thoughts, your feelings and actions on the frequency of your goal, be ready for some impressive changes in your life! Are you ready?

To Your Success and Abundance!


Your Success Mindset Coach


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